What happens when these kids fail? How is that fair? How about we fix the education system to do something incredible, like educate. The kids getting in to TJ are doing it because they are outliers intellectually and their parents spend hours supplementing education. Also, these parents are not tolerant of behavioral shenanigans. Imagine a world where all parents were so dedicated to the expectations of learning and behaving. In the end, every child has the opportunity, not every child will meet the standard for this outcome. Equally opportunity does not mean equal outcome. This is why I am not a model or football player.

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Can we sue TJ like they did to Yale?

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This is similar to affirmative action at work in Ivy League college admissions. When you admit based on demographics and not merit, you set up students to fail. If you accept them at colleges more suited to their abilities, you set them up to succeed. The point of intervention is not at acceptance into TJ, it's in working much earlier with younger students setting them up to achieve admittance. They won't thrive if they haven't earned it. They will fail and be demoralized as well as lower the bar in the process. So many people think only short term.

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Very divisive issue but the truth is our society is not fair. In a perfect world, merit based acceptance works, but there are elements of our society that don't have the resources to prepare for the test to gain acceptance. Those of us who have been gritty and fortunate enough to overcome obstacles to succeed should not use our personal stories as a narrative to further this belief that only merit counts in our disjointed society. Rather we should use our trials and tribulations to create more opportunity to the under served.

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Great research. Please keep up the good work. But how they are saying that African americans lack resources in Farifax county? https://www.urban.org/sites/default/files/publication/95396/2017_12_28_a_racial_equity_profile_for_fairfax_county_finalized_2.pdf . From the census data there is not much difference between the asian americans and african americans in terms of poverty and affordability. White families were more likely to have higher incomes. One in three white families had annual

incomes above $200,000. Twenty-two percent of Asian or Pacific Islander families, 14 percent of black

families, and 9 percent of Hispanic families had incomes above $200,000.

The poverty rates for whites (3 percent) and Asians or Pacific Islanders (6 percent) were at or

below the rate for the county (6 percent), but the rates for blacks (10 percent), Hispanics (11 percent),

and immigrants (9 percent) were above the county rate. So the number of African american family earning more than 200,000 dollars is aroung 14 percent. while for the asians it is 22 percent and poverty wise it is 10 and 6 percent respectively. So people are creating false narrative about lack of resources to push their own crooked agenda when the stats shows there are not much difference in terms of availability of resources

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The answer is leave TJ as it is and create a Magnet STEM school especially for the URMs.

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Those wacktivists need to be told to take their reverse racism and shove it.

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TJ is not a private school. It's paid for with tax dollars. As a PUBLIC school, the PUBLIC, by and through elected officials in the General Assembly and the Fairfax County School Board, decides how TJ admissions are determined. If you want a say in how admissions are handled. pay for your kid to go to a private school. It's that simple.

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This paper describes how the mismatch of underprepared students with elite schools harms minorities. The author is a member of the US civil Rights Commission

John who comments repeatedly below is arguing that standards must be lowered so more blacks can qualify for admission. He doesn’t see that he is the racist here. His assumption is that blacks can’t pass the exams. What about the 6 black students who were admitted based on merit? Isn’t their achievement being undermined by his arguments?

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It takes a blackface-wearing Democrat to resegregate Virginia schools all over again!

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If TJ falls like other public schools, will people still wanna go? The reason TJ is so attractive to people because it's excellence. Without that, nobody wanna go any more!

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Justice Department Finds Yale Illegally Discriminates Against Asians and Whites in Undergraduate Admissions in Violation of Federal Civil-Rights Laws

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Asra, has your TJ student read this? Does he/she agree with you?

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Asra -

First, thank you for writing this article. People need to understand the extent of what is going on throughout our country.

Second, before I continue, I wish to state explicitly that I fully support merit-based admissions to any school. While I do not have children, I can sense the alarm that parents have over this issue. Good parents have poured their souls into their children and it is only natural to want the best for them so I commend you for what you are doing.

However, the obvious needs to be examined in depth: The suburbs surrounding TJ have been deeply liberal for years. I would venture that the majority of parents who have had children at TJ have reliably voted for progressive initiatives election after election. Many of these families are as traditional as they come: nuclear, the parents tend to stay married, many mothers are stay at home, the kids are disciplined, and there is an all out emphasis on academics and extracurricular activities. But they vote progressive.

What is happening at TJs is simply the next logical, obvious step for progressivism. This didn’t happen overnight. We did not go to bed last night with a 100% commitment to merit and then wake up this morning suddenly realizing the world now supports race based admissions. No. This has been coming for years. And when white parents expressed alarm so long ago they were called racist and accused of wanting to preserve white supremacy. The incessant focus on race and gender and everything else other than raw talent has been gaining steam for years. That camel pushed its nose under the tent decades ago and progressives backed it 100%. Except now, it has come for them and it is striking at what they love most: their precious children.

Asra - I recall attending university in the 1980s and even then, it was abundantly clear that we were supposed to “value and open our minds” to different types of intelligence that came from “different lived experiences” due to race. I recall having to sit through sessions in our residence hall that required us to talk about racism and its effects. Even then there were several special programs at the university that were for black students only. They were given special access to professors and summer internships at one of the large companies in town.

Everyone in the country knows this has been going on.

For several years now, some brave Asian American students have taken Harvard to task because of their admissions process. What an Asian American high schooler must score on his SAT to get into Harvard is . . . different shall we say than what a black student has to have to be accepted at Harvard.

I think a lot of people thought the STEM subjects would magically be exempt from this diversity, equity and inclusion effort. That, obviously, was magical thinking. Is there anyone out there who is not concerned what sort of doctors or engineers we are going to be letting loose on society in the very near term?

Asra - I support you in your effort fully. I just wonder why it has taken this long for so many people, so many progressives really because a lot of us on the right have been alarmed about this for decades but were told to sit down and shut up because we were obviously racist, to fully wake up to the insatiable, voracious monster that is the diversity, equity and inclusion effort?

I wish you and the other TJ parents the best Asra. You are going to need it.

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