This is truly encouraging and inspiring. This country needs the voices of immigrants who have escaped repressive regimes to rise and educate the uninformed, unconcerned, docile American public. Thank you for your courage, wisdom and strength.

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These views of CRT are incredibly oversimplified and presented in a beguiling way. These attacks on CRT are thinly veiled fraudulent attempts by corporatist 'scholars' to bring the RW culture war to universities, and face it: A means of stifling BLM, the US civil rights movement.

If we are going to target academic fraud, first and foremost let's start with Koch Brothers/corporatists scholars bashing "CRT" --an obscure academic movement--as a canard to defund universities and the public sector.

It's not hard to smell the ideology emanating from this piece, a far RW hit job. I admire your work and your life story very much, so these types of hit job pieces in RW and laughably oversimplifed depiction of current black political ideas does NOT do you justice.

i hope you can see that ultimately a ban on CRT is very much like CCP communist chinese rule--in addition to being patently absurd. Also, i hope you realize your own grievances regarding Asian American students could be banned as well....if you give it some thought.

Academic Bans. UNAMERICAN. Attacks on universities. Cowardly. I want to respect you.

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Thank you Asra and CACAGNYC!

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