The Woke Army's Abrar Omeish pushes the anti-Israel agenda
Omeish sits at the intersection of Islamism + Wokeism + K-12
I want to inoculate you to its insidious tactics

February 2023

Attack on Suparna Dutta
Suparna Dutta: Ilhan Omar is ‘completely unaware’Watch now (6 min) | Woke Army brings out Ilhan but guess what? School boards also treat Muslim parents “like dirt”
Far-left and Dar Al-Hijrah mosque leaders unite to kill her nomination to Virginia BOE

December 2022

Lawyer calls black dad “retarded” and seizes his baby

November 2022

Finds Fairfax "failed to provide" a free appropriate education to 1000s of kids
'Black supremacists' wage war on Black, Asian, all immigrants

October 2022

Karen Keys-Gamarra admits to calling people “retarded”Watch now (18 sec) | Parents question her role as guardian ad litem, seek resignation

September 2022

Thought leaders on Iran to follow, interview + promote
Women do NOT have to cover their hair in Islam