Extradite Omar Sheikh.

Only one choice left for America.

In a 2-1 decision, the Pakistan Supreme Court freed Omar Saeed Sheikh and three coconspirators for the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl. It would be criminal to free these men onto the streets of Pakistan.

There is only one action for the Biden administration to take: extradite Omar Sheikh.

Omar Sheikh is responsible for the murder of Daniel Pearl, and no one — the world over — is safe if he is free.


Daniel Pearl’s parents, Ruth and Judea Pearl, say: “The Pearl family is in complete shock by the majority decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to acquit and release Ahmed Omer Sheikh and the other accused persons who kidnapped and killed Daniel Pearl. Today's decision is a complete travesty of justice and the release of these killers puts in danger journalists everywhere and the people of Pakistan. We urge the U.S. government to take all necessary actions under the law to correct this injustice. We also hope that the Pakistani authorities will take all necessary steps to rectify this travesty of justice. No amount of injustice will defeat our resolve to fight for justice for Daniel Pearl.”